Trust is at the heart of CoBox

Building blocks for a co-operative cloud

CoBox is a distributed, encrypted, offline-enabled data hosting cloud platform.

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two friends recover their data from a cobox
by the ever awesome angelica.


Why are we giving our data to the corporate cloud?

When the cloud arrived it promised freedom. Which it delivered at the price of privacy invasion. With CoBox it doesn’t have to be this way.

a person's data is corrupt and they grudgingly turn to a pyramid to recover their data.
by the ever awesome angelica.

Secure backups

What if it was easier to collaborate *and* securely back up our data?

CoBox is a simple to use box and software that can turn a computer or hard drive into a cloud by connecting and backing up with friends, peers or organizations.

a heart with three peers and the edges which connect them.
hearts peers by jaya

Versions and Releases

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